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About Ultimate Walrus

Hello! My name is Sebastian Janisz. Ultimate Walrus is the moniker under which I make indie games. It has been a two-person operation since my girlfriend Liana Sposto started doing art for the games several years ago.

Some of the games are collaborative, but I made many of the games here by myself from scratch, and still do solo projects from time to time.

Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, or inquiries to .


I am available for freelance programming, as well as freelance game design, music, and web development. I do sound & music and have multiple artists on call so we can do everything from modular tasks to making an entire professional-quality game for you if you'd like, 2D or 3D.

More about me:

I consider myself to be one of the best programmers around, regardless of the task. You will be hard pressed to find a readily available programmer who can code as aggressively fast as I can while still keeping it clean and maintainable, let alone one with my breadth of experience!

Feel free to email me at .

Vertabyss (gamejam version)

#Snake2 DX: Reawakening


Chroma Cave

Beat Bros




Mango Blue




Conquer the Shadow World

Dino Pit

Doro Doro


Sticky Hands

Foo Fighter

PC Puzzleglobe

Let's Shooting Love

Cube Cascade

Kapushio Storm

Dig Dug Aftershock

Platform Game





Info for publishers

Ultimate Fullscreen v1.1

Clickteam Fusion Examples

Twinsen's Odyssey