Clickteam Fusion Examples

Sebastian Janisz
Here is an archive of the Clickteam Fusion examples I've made. Most of them are pretty old.

Centipede: Download MFA
Make a keyboard or mouse controlled centipede with the individual segments each following the centipede's path.

Spring-chain: Download MFA
This is an engine for putting dangling rope-like objects in your games, based on real spring physics, and coded in pure MMF.

Spring-chain II: Download MFA
This example shows a lot of what you can do with the spring-chain engine.

Curly tentacle: Download MFA
Shows how to create a "tentacle," made up up multiple duplicates of a segment object, in which you can set the angle and size of each segment individually or as a group. This leads to some interesting spiralling and wiggling effects.

Lua/MMF2 Water Effect: Download ZIP
This is an example of a fairly good looking wavy 2D water effect... looking back on it now, I don't think that this is the best way of doing it. You can get much more flexible water effects by modelling the surface as a bunch of connected springs.

You can start multiple waves and the surface of the water will be calculated in realtime. Although it does put a heavy load on the processor, you can optimize the parameters to suit your needs. The example includes implementations using both the Overlay object and a row of active objects.

Bending tentacle: Download MFA
Uses the engine from the "Curly Tentacle" example to create a tentacle that can be bent and straightened with the mouse cursor.

This was a bit of a brute force approach --- you could get faster results if you calculated the angle mathematically, but I just couldn't figure it out at the time I made this.

Cutoff tentacle: Download MFA
Shows how to make a tentacle that you can cut peices off of, using the curly tentacle engine.

Isometric water effect example: Download ZIP
Shows how to display the Lua/MMF2 Water Effect from an isometric-style perspective (sort of).

Platform game: Download here
Demonstrates a simple grid-based level editor. Also includes a simple game engine, which implements detectorless custom platform movement, detectorless enemy back & forth movement, and a simple flying particle effects. Be sure to press H once you run the program to see how to use the editor.

Random grid movement: Download MFA
Demonstrates a somewhat simplistic enemy AI, which moves around randomly on a grid, avoiding backdrop objects. Made without the use of "detectors."

360 degree movement example: Download MFA
Demonstrates a "racecar" movement with 360 degrees of movement, as well as an active object with 360 "directions" of animation.