Beat Bros

Sebastian Janisz
Liana Sposto
Gabe Janisz
STATUS: Playable Beta. Final version is shelved... if some are successful, maybe I can finish it one day!

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***Kill Screen CREATE "Best Couch With Friends" Finalist***

A competitive, fast-paced, grid-based fighting game for 1-4 players! Beat Bros is the perfect party game to play with your friends!

A bonkers rhythm fighting action-puzzle smash-broguelike with frenetic, deterministic strategy at its core, and a host of weapons, powers, and randomized levels, Beat Bros is a near-endless reservoir of "couch with friends" fun.

  • 10 different characters, all with different superpowers
  • Wacky random-generated levels to fight in! A new battlefield every time!
  • Steal eachother's powers! Stock up and use them for future battles!
  • Gorgeous hi-res pixel art and particle effects!
  • Scarily smart computer players!
  • Deeply puzzling single player!