Let's Shooting Love

Sebastian Janisz
Elliot Trinidad
Bryan Chamchoum
Selene Tan
Andrea Chang
Online high score chart

The original LSL was made by a team of five in 48 hours at USC for the first annual Global Game Jam. The newest version, v1.1, was made in a week.

LSL is a 2-D arena shooter featuring a robot that falls in love with several lovely female robots each with her own unique abilities and atmosphere. The longer our heroes stay together, the more their relationship will evolve, making them stronger; but this increases the difficulty of the game, too. When they "break up," the enemies are cleared, but so is the score multiplier. If you get far enough in the game, you may encounter something big...

Sebastian Janisz : Programmer
Elliot Trinidad : Artwork & Visual Design
Bryan Chamchoum : Game Design
Selene Tan : Sound Design
Andrea Chang : Composer