Sebastian Janisz

"Dehumanizer is a masterpiece of minimalism and an elegant game design to boot." -

"That's the most disturbing game I've seen since Exidy's Death Race! Oh, the humanity!" - Zartek

"This sure is minimalistic." - manabreak

You are the Dehumanizer™, a bio-weapon capable of taking out entire armies. You were engineered to be the perfect weapon, but the intern who was supposed to put the obedience chip into your cyber-core accidentally put a violence chip in instead.

Now the corporation that made you, GoodWeps™, wants to kill you! Fight for your life!

Score is based on how high you can build your mountain of corpses. Includes co-op mode and high scores. The latest version also has gamepad support, much better sand physics, and an extended background.

The original Dehumanizer was made in around 12 hours for the Ludum Dare competition.