#Snake2 DX: Reawakening

Sebastian Janisz
Liana Sposto
Elliot Trinidad
James Montagna
Jake Kaufman
Windows and Mac compatible!

#Snake2 DX: Reawakening is a fan-made sequel to the classic arcade game, "Snake." It aims to fulfill the huge potential of the first game, while remaining true to its core mechanics (just like what "Pac Man 2: The New Adventures" did for Pac-Man)! As you would expect, #Snake2 is an explosive, balls-to-the-wall bullet hell shooter with novel shooting mechanics. It was originally prototyped in the 2012 Global Game Jam, when its insanity earned it a Kotaku feature.

#Snake2 merges unorthodox, technical, soul-crushing bullet hell difficulty with that classic "Snake" tail-growing family fun we all know and love. Careening through the city at high speed, you will need to grow Snake and maneuver his tail-hand into grabbing machine guns and punching helicopters. All this culminates in a tense showdown with Snake's father, the all-powerful Butt King. Combine this with a high-octane, bass-heavy Buttstep soundtrack by Virt (Jake Kaufman) and you get the frenzied, chaotic adrenaline rush fever dream that Snake was always meant to be.


  • Normal mode is a mode any average person could beat. If you can't, what's wrong with you? Savage mode leaves even genre veterans bleary-eyed and shell shocked.
  • Failass mode helps even total scrubs feel like they accomplished something. So easy, a baby could do it.
  • Classic mode brings back that classic Snake fun of having your own tail hurt you.
  • Retro mode lets you play the original Snake game at the same time, for double the fun!

  • PARENTAL ADVISORY Crude humor, cartoon blood, partial nudity. You can stick your hand into a giant butt in this game.

    Windows - just put the EXE in its own folder where you keep the rest of your games (example: C:\Program Files\Snake2). Then you can run it from there. If you want a shortcut, just right click on the EXE, do "create shortcut," and drag that to your desktop

    OSX - It's VERY IMPORTANT that you drag the app into your Applications folder after you download, otherwise it won't work properly! Now you can run the game. You may have to hold Control as you double-click it so that your system will give you the option of running an unknown app.