Sebastian Janisz
This is a small spaceship game that is intended to be played in secret while a teacher is watching you. You can bring up work on your desktop, then run the game and it will play on top of the start bar on the bottom of the screen (very tiny!). It was a hit at my high school. One student had the game running while a teacher walked right up and couldn't understand why the windows weren't responding. :]

It was made for Windows 2000 and doesn't work too great on modern machines, but if you hit F2 after the game starts it still works OK.

One note on the multiplayer mode: you need two computers that are hooked together by LAN. You must both press the same number for "game," but then for "player," one of you must press 1 while the other player presses 2. This actually worked on my high school's LAN network --- no idea if it still works today.