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Part Smash Bros, part roguelike, and part rhythm game, Beat Bros is a wildly unique take on grid-based battles. A competitive, fast-paced, strategic fighting game for 1-4 players, Beat Bros is an exercise in controlled chaos.

With a frenetic pace, deterministic strategy at its core, and a host of weapons, powers, and both randomized and predesigned levels, Beat Bros is a near-endless reservoir of "couch with friends" fun. And the deeply puzzling single-player mode will have you confused and bewildered in no time!


CREATE Gamejam finalist

Beat Bros was conceived as an entry for the Kill Screen CREATE competition in January 2013. It wound up being a finalist in the "Beat Couch With Friends" category! This won us a free OUYA dev kit which (combined with the OUYA I received for backing the Kickstarter) got us four controllers.

OUYA Release

After the gamejam, Beat Bros snowballed into a huge project building up to the OUYA release. It was a featured OUYA launch title, but unfortunately, the OUYA launch didn't go too well, and neither did Beat Bros.

PC Version

In order to bring the game to a wider audience, Beat Bros has been ported to PC, with clever CPU players and a deep single-player mode so people can play on their own as well as with friends! The game was released 3/21/14.

Future platforms

As Beat Bros is definitely inspired by "couch with friends" experiences on consoles, we would definitely like to port it to a console where it could get some more exposure, but it will depend on the success of the PC version.


  • 9 different characters, all with different superpowers
  • Wacky random-generated levels to fight in! A new battlefield every time!
  • Steal eachother's powers! Stock up and use them for future battles!
  • Gorgeous hi-res pixel art and particle effects!
  • Scarily intelligent CPU players!
  • Deeply puzzling single player levels!


Beat Bros Official Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Kill Screen CREATE "Best Couch With Friends" Finalist" Jan 25, 2013. www.killscreendaily.com/create/

    Selected Articles

      • "It looks like developer Ultimate Walrus (of #Snake2 infamy) started making a rhythm-based Bomberman clone, but then went off the deep end somewhere between floating doughnuts and giant snakes. Bonus points for the playable moai head statue."
        - Darren Nakamura, Destructoid

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      About Ultimate Walrus

      Ultimate Walrus is the handle under which Sebastian Janisz makes indie games. I've been making games for the past 18 years or so. Many of them are freeware available on my website. Sometimes my friends help out, most often my wonderful artist girlfriend Liana Sposto. I've had industry jobs but would like to make a living off of my own games some day. Until then, I'm available for all your freelance programming needs.

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      Beat Bros Credits

      Sebastian Janisz
      Design, Programming, Music

      Liana Sposto
      Art, Animation

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks