Thank you for playing Lackadaisium. I made this game during a depressive episode, in an attempt to express the way it felt to me. If you are depressed or anxious, it's my hope that you found this game fun and cathartic rather than discouraging!

If you (or anyone you know) have depression or other mental health problems, please know that you do not have to tough it out alone! You should seek out help. This page is a good place to start. If the link is broken, please try searching the internet for "how to get help for mental illness."

IF YOU ARE FEELING ANY INCLINATION TO HARM YOURSELF, CALL 911 OR THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE AT 1-800-273-8255. They also have an online chat now if you search "national suicide prevention hotline" on Google. I've used one of these hotlines before in my life. They are a very good thing.

Do you live in a country where you have to pay money for care, and you can't afford it? That's a rough situation, but at least there are some resources on that too (how to get care with no insurance, how to rebuild your finances with mental issues). If you deal with depression and anxiety, I think The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns is a good resource on how to make yourself better through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I still think it's much better to get a therapist, but if you can't afford one, a book is better than nothing, and it could be a good companion to therapy, too.

If you have depression/anxiety, hear me out: Depression can make you feel like you're falling down a bottomless pit, and there's no end to it. A truly depressed person likely can't see how their life could ever possibly improve; it feels like a life sentence. But please understand that it's not. Treatments for depression (and other mental illnesses) are improving all the time. I had a depressive episode for six years. It was unbearable; I wanted to die. But therapy, medication, and support from my friends helped me get through that tunnel. I am extremely grateful to now to have a wonderful life filled with such happiness that I can confidently say all that suffering was worth it. If you feel like you have nobody to reach out to, or you feel it would be valuable to talk to someone who has experienced severe mental illness and ultimately came out on top, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at . I can't guarantee I will always be around to see your message, and I am not qualified for any sort of psychotherapy. But if you are suffering and need a friend who has some sense of what you're going through, I'll do my best to fill that role. But you really should seek out a therapist first and foremost.