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Isopark is a peaceful isometric platformer in which the player's health and stamina are key.

It was made by Sebastian Janisz and Liana Sposto in a 48 hour period for Global Game Jam 2013. If people seem to like it we might make it into a longer game.

When you grab a star, your game is auto-saved (indicated by the floppy disk in the corner), so feel free to quit and resume your game at any time.

Arrow keys --- run, swim, sidle along a pole, tap perpendicular to a pole to pole swing
Z --- Jump, muscle-up (climb on top of a pole)
X ---- Drop down a pole, let go of a pole

Playthrough video (note --- contains spoilers):



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UltimateWalrus:2013-11-08 00:19:21
Thanks guys! :D@David: I used Multimedia Fusion 2, which is great both for beginners and for advanced users who a lot of the time would rather just do things quickly and easily in MMF2 than use a more "advanced" engine in which development can be slower.

Cals:2013-03-28 12:38:20
i don't care at all for the graphics, but i liked the gameplay

David:2013-03-05 19:08:34
did you use an engine to make it?

Red Tregor:2013-03-03 20:44:33
just finished it, it was great!It reminded me when i was a child and i was trying to go to a point without touching the floor, you know, because the floor was infested by piranhas ^^ No really you got something here, for me you did a good job with the level design and almost every jump that seems tricky end with pressing only one direction.

UltimateWalrus:2013-02-25 17:34:23
Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad you like the game. The issues that you brought up will all be addressed in the larger version of Isopark we plan on making, which will be more fleshed out, and probably have a huge open world to explore as well as realtime GPU-accelerated lighting effects. If you want to stay up to date on my projects and be notified when Isopark 1.0 is nearing completion, you can "like" http://facebook.com/UltimateWalrus , or just keep an eye on the blog on the main page.Also worth noting, Liana actually also brought up the idea of an MC Escher level which we might do if we have isolated challenge doors separate from the overworld. Overall though I would like to make it very clear where the platforms are which will be helped by lighting effects, tweaks to the artwork, and more careful level design.

Sonjool:2013-02-19 12:26:58
Hey I think this game was really cool. I thought it was clever how it uses resource mechanics to describe the experience of parkour, part of which is about economy of motion. One criticism though is that a lot of the times, it was hard to gauge where the platforms were. You might want to make that more clear unless you want to incorporate the MC Escher-esque eye trickery more into the gameplay.

sam:2013-02-18 13:03:01
i really love the aesthetic this game has! the graphics and sound compliment eachother very well. the only criticism i have is that when you touch a checkpoint it isn't clear where the star you are meant to collect is. great game overall!

Cramit:2013-02-06 20:12:49
Love it, please make more levels!!