Game explosion!

Tue. January 29, 2013
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Me and my artist girlfriend Liana Sposto have finished three games in the past week or so, having done Killscreen’s CREATE gamejam for OUYA and the Global Game Jam back-to-back.

The latest (and one of my favorite games I’ve done to date) is Isopark, a peaceful isometric platformer in which you collect stars by completing challenges with a limited amount of health and jumps.  You can’t die, but if you get hurt enough or use too many jumps it will end the current challenge.  If people seem to like it, we may expend this into a bigger game!

You can download and play it now!


Beat Bros is a tile-based, rhythmic beat-em-up for four players.  It melds the strategy of a turn-based game with the twitch-based gameplay of an action game.  I wasn’t sure if the concept would work, but it’s actually quite fun with multiple players!  As the game was designed specifically for OUYA, you can’t actually play it yet, but once I get my lowly non-developer edition OUYA, I want to flesh it out, polish it up, and release it on the OUYA store.

We also made a third game (expending about 8 valuable hours during the Global Game Jam), I’m not going to put it up just yet but here’s a teaser screenshot…