After over a year of working on it, Beat Bros has finally been released! You can check it out at!




I’ve put more effort into this game than anything that’s come before. My girlfriend Liana Sposto made the artwork for it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could try it and share it with your friends if you like it!!  My ability to keep making cool games in the future depends on you guys!

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What I’ve been up to!


I’ve been quite busy lately, so busy that (as usual) I forget to let people know what I’m actually doing.  I thought I’d do a big post to let people know the status of all my projects, and hint at things I wanna do in the future!  Who knows when I’ll have time to finish them all… this is all being done between freelance programming jobs (which I’m always available for, by the way!) to pay the bills.  Lemme know if you’re excited about a particular game and I may prioritize it (if someone is enthusiastic enough about my games to write me about it, I usually take their opinions into very serious consideration!)  :]




A huge 3D Power-Stone 2-style fighting game I’m making with my brother.  Currently working on a prototype.

Beat Bros


People seem to like it but it was a huge flop on OUYA (a fate I understand many OUYA games have suffered due to the whole “free-to-play” thing). We want to update it and port it to PC, but any updates will still be pushed to OUYA. Planned features:
*Computer players, so you can play Battle mode on your own
*1-player puzzle mode
*8-player battles
*PS3 controller support for OUYA

Lackadaisium 1.1


I actually made a huge update to Lackadaisium. It has almost twice the content… however, it’s all hidden content :] The game now has lots of easter eggs like I originally wanted it to. It’s almost ready for release so keep an eye out!!


edrt 2012-09-05 22-18-19

The game is almost done, although I want to overhaul the graphics which’d take some time. It’s very difficult to find time to do that last 10% of polish. :\

Foo Fighter


Updating this and porting it to Android, with support for the upcoming Ringbow peripheral.

Elastic Ocean


Spent months making an awesome engine from scratch in C++… but it’s now on hiatus until I have time to work on it. :[

Conquer the Shadow World


This has always been one of my favorites. I really want to make a premium re-mastered version: music re-done, co-op mode, and a hardcore mode with no lives and an ultra-boss at the end. Probably will give it a new name like Conquer the Shadow World X.



The plan for Isopark is to completely re-code it in a home-rolled engine, and expand it into what will hopefully be one of the prettiest and most technologically advanced pixel-art isometric open-world games ever :] That’s for the far future though.

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Beat Bros coming soon!


We’ve been working hard on our OUYA game, Beat Bros!  It’s coming out in June, so if you own an OUYA or plan on getting one, please keep an eye out for it!

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New game: Dehumanizer


If anyone reads this, sorry for not posting in a while :]  I’ve been super busy working on Beat Bros!

Last weekend I took some time to participate in Ludum Dare and made Dehumanizer, a game of minimalistic ultraviolence in which you try to build a mountain of corpses as high as you can.  It got featured on Indiegames, which spurred me on to make the post-compo version, which has much better sand physics, joystick support, and an extended background.

It’s loads of fun and even has co-op!  Check it out!

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Isopark lighting effects

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Here’s a sneak peak at the lighting effects for a future version of Isopark:

Should be nice for nighttime levels and such :]


Game explosion!


Me and my artist girlfriend Liana Sposto have finished three games in the past week or so, having done Killscreen’s CREATE gamejam for OUYA and the Global Game Jam back-to-back.

The latest (and one of my favorite games I’ve done to date) is Isopark, a peaceful isometric platformer in which you collect stars by completing challenges with a limited amount of health and jumps.  You can’t die, but if you get hurt enough or use too many jumps it will end the current challenge.  If people seem to like it, we may expend this into a bigger game!

You can download and play it now!


Beat Bros is a tile-based, rhythmic beat-em-up for four players.  It melds the strategy of a turn-based game with the twitch-based gameplay of an action game.  I wasn’t sure if the concept would work, but it’s actually quite fun with multiple players!  As the game was designed specifically for OUYA, you can’t actually play it yet, but once I get my lowly non-developer edition OUYA, I want to flesh it out, polish it up, and release it on the OUYA store.

We also made a third game (expending about 8 valuable hours during the Global Game Jam), I’m not going to put it up just yet but here’s a teaser screenshot…

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New game uploaded: Diatoms


I haven’t updated in a while (been working hard on Elastic Ocean) but I managed to polish up my old entry for LD24 and release a new free game.

In Diatoms, you are a predatory fish who must eat “diatoms” to survive.  But after each round, the Diatoms can breed and pass their traits on to their descendants.  After a few rounds, they’ll start to adapt to your play style, and it’ll get harder and harder.

The game is sort of experimental and uses a genetic algorithm.  It was originally done in 24 hours ( it was called “Barnacles” in the competition but I don’t like that name as much).  The polished version includes better balancing, online high scores, and a “boss” mode.

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Elastic Ocean update


My mobile game, Elastic Ocean, is receiving funding from the generous folks at Ringbow, so I’ve been able to go full steam ahead with making an engine for that.  Here’s a video demonstrating the capabilities of the engine so far:

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New game: Sticky Hands


I’ve released a new free game called Sticky Hands!  I’ve actually had it for quite a while… it’s rough and prototype-ey, and the original version was only made in three hours, but hey, at least it’s unique, and people seem to have fun with it.  Check it out!

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Trike trailer and new demo released!


I’ve released a new trailer and demo for Trike! I’ve put it on Steam Greenlight, too, so if you have a Steam account, please upvote it! On top of that, you can like Trike on Facebook, and I’m giving away 1000 future game codes that will entitle you to a free copy of the full version, only if it gets onto Steam.

Check it out!