Ultimate Fullscreen v1.1

Sebastian Janisz
Make Clickteam Fusion games in fullscreen without changing the resolution mode, while maintaining aspect ratio. Your game can be any resolution. Widescreen games are displayed in letterbox on normal screens, and non-widescreen games are displayed with black bars on the sides. Pixels are crisp and not anti-aliased.

There are also options for pixel-perfect scaling (integer-only scale), Hor+ and Vert- widescreen, and manual control of the game rectangle.

Included is an example showing off the capabilities of the object.


Free and open-source. You are welcome to use it for commercial projects and do not have to pay me anything. If you publish a game with it, it's up to you whether you want to put me in the credits or not. If you have published games with UFS, I would love to hear about it.

The only thing I do ask is please don't host Ultimate Fullscreen on your own site, or try to sell it on your own. UFS is a free extension, all I ask is that people to visit my site to download it.